Steve became a full time artist in 2014, following a decade of teaching fine art.  Now based in Lancashire in the heart of the Ribble Valley, many of his works are inspired by the surrounding landscape, a close connection with which provides an infinite source of inspiration for his work. Steve works predominantly in oil paint; its  organic nature provides the perfect partner to make solid this experience, giving form to the intangible.


One of Steve's latest bodies of work is directly influenced by the Cornish coast and the south west.  He finds this region compelling. The light, colour and drama of this magnetic coast and its  forceful nature provides  endless artistic challenge. The open space of the skyline breeds endless possibilities. 


Steve's childhood was spent on the North West coast.  The close proximity to the sea in his younger years has perhaps directed his return to this ephemeral subject matter .  Its power and intangibility remain significant.  The ebb and flow of the sea and its tides is a fascinating theme which links the past with the future.