The Seal


The Seal

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Seemingly having all the time in the world to bask in the sun.

Pictorial content:
Dolphin, orca, seals, ballan wrasse, sea bass, whiting, five bearded rockling, water boatman, shanny’ periwinkles, goose barnacles,  sugar kelp, razor shells, cuttlefish, long snouted sea horse, common eel, lobster, velvet crab, sea gull, star fish, black turn,  puffins, cormorant, lapwing, stone curlew, various sea weeds, other shells and abstract.

Almost twice the size of the open edition and identical scale to that of the original pen and ink drawing. Series of 350 limited edition prints titled and signed by the artist.

Supplied unmounted and rolled in a protective tube for safe delivery.

The seal

£189.00 (Unframed)

Ltd edition artist print
Unmounted dimensions:
720 mm x  550 mm

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