As an artist, I can’t help but be constantly inspired by my surroundings here in Cornwall. I love the beautiful landscapes which change with the seasons, dramatic coastlines with vast skies and rolling turquoise seas and the historic mining towns with their quirky architecture and meandering lanes.

Drawing has always been a passion of mine since I could first pick up a pencil! I studied metals and textiles at university which I enjoyed, but it was my sketchbooks which became the real focus of my work, and where my creativity flourished. This really began to develop after moving to Helston, ‘The Gateway to The Lizard’ deep in the heart of south west Cornwall in 2012. I love to draw and paint detailed scenes depicting little corners of Cornwall and elsewhere which may have been overlooked. I like to see what others may have missed and show the character of this fabulous county. My aim is to make people feel a part of my artwork so that they can almost ‘walk into’ a drawing or painting, imagining what’s just around the corner.

Cornwall is full of little twisting lanes or ‘opes’ as they are called which have so much character and atmosphere. You  will often see me out and about exploring different areas, wandering through these pathways to see where they will take me!