Paul & Sarah Stowe bring together a wide range of affordable art work from artists based in and around the South West of England.  Displayed in the former St. Ives bakery on Street-an-Pol, we are in the heart of the art scene and amongst some of the best art venues in the UK.

In our Gallery you will find a wonderful display of 'real' art - art that is identifiable and understandable, art that you will want to hang in your home for you and for your visitors to admire.

We have brought together a collection of the very best traditional artists in the area to showcase their technical and creative ability.

  A visit to the South West of England will have you yearning for more, our selection of art will enable you to take a small piece of that magic back with you.  

Please feel free to browse our online gallery, and of course pop into see us and enjoy their work in our gallery.