My relationship with clay is a reflection of place, involvement, and the passing of tradition in the jobs and artists I have worked for in my life. My love for Asian inspired ceramics is demonstrated both in my celadon and wood fired work. Experimenting with a range of porcelain clay bodies and restraining myself to a unified palette of celadon glazes allows me to develop a cohesive style along with the traditions I accumulated during my apprenticeship at kelly Pottery. Firing with wood allows me to foresee the surface I want on the form depending on its placement in the kiln before the making process begins. I find a lot of joy in producing work for different sections of the kiln for each has its own individual atmospheric surface treatment for the piece. My current apprenticeship at the Leach Pottery forces me to make tight work, however, I am also trained to be somewhat loose which echoes the organic nature of handmade characteristics that is now intuitively incorporated into my own work. I now embrace these qualities I find in my work that in the past I used to constantly fight against thinking I could find satisfaction with perfection. I am now satisfied with pure crafted work where beauty is identified in use for the everyday life, I then allow the artist-craftsmen inside me to creatively experiment with form and surfaces.